We aim to provide the best services in the Clinic Industry

The clinic’s motto: “Striving to be amongst the best in patient care, cost effective clinical investigation and education”.

Klinik Razana offers quality service for Family Care. We strive to become a place where all family members feel at ease to seek medical attention. The idea is to open one file for all family members. This way, the family’s medical history will be well-recorded and taken into account for all treatments. This approach makes Klink Razana truly a family-oriented clinic.

Dr Razana’s vision and mission is clear – to cater to every patient’s needs and offer added services that give her patients a holistic experience. “It’s not about just getting them cured. It’s about finding the root problem and solving the issue at hand once and for all,” says Dr. Razana.

We also strive to educate people about diseases and prevention methods. We believe education is the key to a better future and we take responsibility where possible in spreading awareness to the younger generation.