We care and we want to make sure we attend to your needs!

The clinic’s strength is in its comprehensive and highly personalised care for patients and family.

Klinik Razana provides outpatient health care services including medical check-up for adults, children, pre-employment, insurance, travelling, fitness and women.

Klinik Razana is a client-centered clinic. It provides the best in hospitality with accurate diagnosis and treatment. We encourage clients to communicate via Twitter, Facebook, emails and website as we would like to take advantage of the current technology and communication tools to be accessible to our patients.

Klinik Razana adopts patients’ management guidelines set by Ministry of Health and ethical guideline set by Medico-legal society of Malaysia.

It is also part of evidence-based clinical practice.

Klinik Razana plans to provide more educational activities as part of the primary disease prevention, and a “onestopmedical site for comprehensive health care services for patients and families.